Tuesday, July 29, 2008

What kind of jewelry blog is this anyway?

Painful dinner decisions are always magnified when I wait until the last minute to figure out what to cook. So, whenever I'm running late on the dinner preparation (it's a wonder that we don't have pasta more often), pasta meals always seem to be the easy answer. Plus, when you have little people hovering around asking for food (even though they just consumed a miniature meal not so long ago) it's a good way to get them involved in the cooking process while keeping them occupied. I'm thinking/hoping that they'll be cooking for me & dh in a couple of years. Anyways, here is the rundown of a quickie meal in which nothing needs to be thawed, and your favorite veggies can be easily incorporated into the same dish.

~Your choice of pasta (we usually do penne or bowties but egg noodles was all we had)
~Sun dried julienned tomatoes in olive oil
~cooking sherry
~more garlic
~real butter
~heavy cream
~diced or sliced veggies (we used mushrooms, zucchini, and yellow squash)
~extra for hubby's lunch

Saute and toss everything together and you have dinner for a large family of 8 or in our case, a family who eats like a family of 8. The only downside of eating this meal is the cleaning up. Now if only I can get the kiddies to do that.

So, in case you were looking for answer to our title, it's a Foodelry blog. Plus, the more content your belly is, the longer you'll stay and shop;)

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kim* said...

yum-- tomato, olive oil...

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