Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Directory of Online Giveaways

Another website recently discovered is http://prizey.blogspot.com. And this one is a little dangerous, not as in bodily harm dangerous, but as in addictive dangerous. There are so many giveaways that before you know it, you're trying to enter all the contests. All you do is leave a comment on the blogger's page and you're entered to win the prize. It's fun trying to win the plethora and I mean plethora of freebies ranging from baby strollers to Wii.

From what it looks like, companies are sending their items to bloggers in exchange for advertising. It seems legit enough and all the bloggers giving away the prizes seem to be stay home moms. Their banner claims that they are 100% spam and linkbait free. Although we haven't won anything yet, maybe we'll be the lucky recipients of the Ben & Jerry's Icecream giveaway:)

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Art By MAR said...

That's interesting. But I guess I am a little cautious after yesterday. I clicked on a blog and immediately was infected by a virus, which I spent most of the day trying to get get off my computer.

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