Monday, July 28, 2008

Nothing Like Mom's

Why is it that whenever you attempt to cook something made by your mom or dad, it NEVER tastes the same. You can use the exact ingredients, methods, and directions but for some reason, it just doesn't compare to their cooking.

There are some dishes of my parents' that I wouldn't even bother to attempt due to this realization. For instance, I have never tried to make pancit or chicken relleno. And I would definitely, not even bother to try and replicate their recipe for ribs. So, whenever we visit my parents, they always make lots of extra ribs just so we can have some to take home. With that being said, this delicious picture is my parent's ribs, my rice and broccoli (that I can make;), with homemade ranch dressing by the Pioneer Woman . Needless to say, it was just a "little" tasty. Thanks mom and dad!

1 comment:

kim* said...

mmm-- looks delicious. it is true though, the PO's always do it best.

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