Friday, August 1, 2008

Single Women Wanted

I really really wanted to post some embarrassing pics of my DH but I just didn't have the heart to do it. Rather, I didn't want any retaliatory pictures of me;) So, instead, here are some pics of my brother-in-laws. Single and looking for a mate. Well, except for the one in the yellow trunks, he just started dating someone after a long hiatus. A really long seven or eight year hiatus. Needless to say, we were all happy (relieved) when he finally brought someone home.

So the other one, with the closeup picture, is the single one. He's a stand-up comic and not just amongst family members;) "E-man the Pool Man" (his other profession) performs at the Icehouse , Comedy Store , and all those other places that comedians go to tell their stories.

I wonder if his monologue includes any of his early twenty-year-old antics. There were quite few since he was always a funny guy, but there is one in particular that always made his brother (my DH) chuckle. Let's just say that it wasn't the cat who was intoxicated, urinating on the bed in middle of the night, with a loaf of bread in his mouth. Oh boy, I'm really fearing retaliation now. Anyways, maybe tomorrow I'll post some non-embarrassing pics or at least not too embarrassing of DH:) Have a great TGIF everyone!

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Charleen Micheles said...

Well I must say he looks like quite a hunk. I have to say however I was really admiring your Artisan jewelry, it is amazing. You are so talented...
Oh, and say hello to the guy looking to hook up. Me,I am fancy free and loving it. I don't like men much after the last one I was saddled with for far too long... LOL!

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