Friday, July 25, 2008

Hula Panic

One of the biggest fears in hula, other than performing the festivals/competitions, is getting up to the stage to realize that all your hula implements are missing. Well, luckily that didn't happen, but for some reason Milani's implements were no where to be found. For the past month, we searched high and low for the missing uli uli (feathered rattle), pu'ili (bamboo sticks), and ipu (hand held gourd). Strangely, the bag that held all of the stuff was home but everything else was gone. Milani and her dad aka dear husband looked in the car, the garage, the closets and the rooms but to no avail.

It just didn't make sense that the bag was at home but everything else was missing. First off, the hula gear is always in the car. Its permanent spot is in the car just because we can't forget it for hula practice. (Instilled by our previous hula teacher who used to charge money whenever the hula book and implements were forgotten). Secondly, the only time it is ever removed out of the car is if we go away to my parents place or on a long trip somewhere. Of course my mom did not find it anywhere in her house. Thirdly, the last people to see it was Milani and her dad. Thus, it must be dear husband who lost it lol.

Fortunately, his wife remembered that he and the kids went with his parents on a cherry picking excursion, hence, suggested that it might be at his parents. In conclusion, DH has a bad memory but happily, all the items were there. And yes, his wife is taking credit for finding it;)

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