Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Something Funny and Something Pretty

Here's some new earrings from us today. Something purple and turquoise in one of our favorite color combinations. For some reason, it took forevers trying to download the pics from the camera program to photoshop. Maybe if I tried doing things when I'm not half asleep it would've been much easier - ya think?!!!!

Anyways, here's something funny to leave you w/ but you really must have a mental picture of someone Filipino dressed up in a Santa suit.

Filipino Santa
(Submitted via email by Tbone)

Q) There are three Santas on the Roof. Which one is the Filipino one?

A) The one in the bunny suit.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Local Hawaiian Joke

How was your weekend? We had a very mellow, relaxing weekend. Hula for Milani, errands, church, and that's about it. Sorry, I have no new pics to post as it rained all weekend here in "sunny" California. I do have an oldie but goodie local joke for you.

Disclaimer: This is not intended to offend anyone. We are of mixed ethnic descent and are poking fun at our own ancestral roots.

There were three students: one Japanese, one Haole, and one Filipino. The teacher asked the students to use the words, "chicken, nut, and bread" in a sentence. The Japanese girl went first.

"Last night for dinner, my mother cooked us chicken and yummy banana nut bread."

"That's good," the teacher replied.

Next went the Haole boy, "I live on a farm and we raise chickens, and grow nuts to put them into our bread."

After that, the teacher asked the Filipino boy to use the words in a sentence. The Filipino boy replied, "Ho ya know, my madda said neba put de plastic bag oba my sistah's head cuz chicken nut bread."

Friday, February 22, 2008

No gift of gab

I can talk your ear off in person but I never know what to "say" online. So, it will probably take a few more posts until I write these long winded blogs that other people seem to easily undertake. For now, I'm more comfortable in showing you our pretties:) Freshwater pearls on sterling silver 925. Now available on http://www.adornmentsbymilani.com/
Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Who wants chocolate?

For the past month, I've been snacking on the most delectable truffle chocolates. It reminds me of my first (and last) taste of exquisite, luxurious, and expensive Champagne Truffles. It's become an almost nightly ritual that I look forward to. The dishes are done, the kids and hubby are asleep, and then I get to have my after-dinner/late-night snack. Each morsel is savored until the last piece has melted into my endorphins:) It definitely satisfies my chocolate cravings. Alas, today, I look into the fridge and the last of my latenight endorphin jolt is no more:( Sigh... LOL

By the way, we gave the bracelet a name - "Strawberries in my Garden" and it's up on our website in case your interested. It's not chocolate but it's still sweet;)

Monday, February 18, 2008

First day here

Is there anyone out there? :) Here's our most recently made bracelet. It's not on the website yet as I have to think of a name/title first. Any suggestions?

Welcome and thanks for visiting our blog. Prepare to be served with jewels, food, and a little bit of humor. Enjoy your stay and hope to see you again soon.