Thursday, December 3, 2009

Pampering Yourself is Not Selfish

I love this article by the Flylady about this month's healthy habit. Take care of yourself, do what makes you feel your best, and wear those jewels, ladies. Let those sparkling faces (and sinks) shine!!

(If you don't know who she is and you are a disorganized cluttered mess, like me, you might enjoy her coaching sessions. There is no charge and her daily emails make cleaning & organizing a lot less painful!)

Dear Friends,

The Habit for this month is Pampering. The reason that we have you
work on a habit each month is to help teach you how to make something
a part of your everyday routine. Pampering is really really important
to your over all health and well being. Learning to take time out for
yourself is a huge part of FLYing. If you don't take care of you who will?

FlyLady and I can't stress enough the taking care of YOU! This begins
with getting dressed to shoes, getting enough sleep, eating well and
blessing your heart by moving each day. The Pampering Habit is
building on to those already established habits to take better care
of you. It may feel silly or extravagant to pamper yourself. Some of
you may even feel as though you don't deserve it. Some of you may feel
that it is too expensive to pamper yourself - I promise you it is not.

We are going to spend this whole month sharing different ideas and
ways to learn how to build pampering into your routine. Pampering is
not selfish, it is all a part of Finally Loving Yourself. Investing
time in who you are and the way you feel is not a waste of time,
it is an investment that will keep paying you back over and over.
Feeling good about yourself changes your mental outlook and attitude.

When you roll out of bed, throw on whatever is handy, somewhat brush
your hair, make an attempt at slapping on some lipstick and throwing
on whatever shoes you see, is not the way to start your day off
feeling as though you can conquer the world. When you lay out your
clothes the night before, have an established morning routine for
fixing your hair and make up and then pamper yourself by putting on a
favorite piece of jewelry that doesn't get worn often, a spritz of
perfume that you love, you will feel totally different when you
walk out of the bathroom stepping into a new day.

In reality not taking care of yourself is actually selfish. You are
robbing yourself of feeling good about who you are and you are robbing
your families of you being the happy and content person that you can
be. It takes BabySteps to teach you to Love Yourself but that is okay
we are striving for progress not perfection.

Pay attention to all the Pampering ideas and tips that are coming your
way and please participate. You will love how you feel about yourself!


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