Wednesday, August 20, 2008

We Were Featured in the Etsy Treasury

Yay, I'm so thrilled that someone thought enough of our earrings to feature them in an Etsy Treasury. What is a treasury? Well, usually it's a theme or collage of shops wherein Etsy members feature the work of other members. Here's a screenshot of the treasury. Our earrings are in the bottom right corner. I've always wondered how someone would know whether they have been featured, since there is no type of formal notification. Fortunately, Maia from Maiaart , was considerate enough to send me a convo to let me know that our shop was being featured. Thanks, again, Maia, for taking the time to let us know. Please check out her amazing artwork. Not only is she thoughtful, but her indigenous/tribal art is a must see. Here's the link to her Etsy shop:

Have a happy hump day (Wed) everyone! Thanks for stopping by.

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Karma by Morgan said...

congratulations on the treasury! I love that feeling :) I hope you get lots of views and some sales!!!

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