Monday, August 4, 2008

A past love that doesn't include my husband;)

In the very early eighties, my friends and I were the "hippest" little Catholic school girls around. We would walk around the neighborhood donning our plaid green skirt and white top uniform, carrying this beastly large boombox (after school of course;). Our preferred musical choice included bands such as Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, and Journey, Journey, and more Journey.

Those who cared to hear our music and those who did not care to hear it, were subjected to the very loud sounds that projected from our portable radio. Our boombox was non-exclusive and non-discriminatory, it included everyone within hearing distance. So, there we were proudly blasting away "Faithfully", "Anyway you want it", "Wheel in the Sky" to all that passed by us, on foot and vehicle. Three preteen girls determined to convince the people in the neighborhood (and the world) that their lives were incomplete and meaningless unless they have heard the music of Journey.

25 years later, unless it's Miley Cyrus, the Cheetah girls or anything tweenish, I rarely even get to listen to music these days. If it weren't for all the news buzz about Journey's reformation and the new lead singer, I wouldn't even think twice about my old favorite.

Being very skeptical about Steve Perry's replacement, (after all he was one of my first crooners) I had to look into the matter myself. After watching the YouTube CBS interview with Journey and the new lead singer, Arnel Pineda, I am happy to report that I have rediscovered one of my old loves (don't tell hubby). Here is the CBS interview, but be forewarned, it might bring tears to your eyes. Arnel's story is very inspirational and heartwarming and in my humble opinion, he is a wonderful addition to Journey. What do you think?


Scott Bulger Photography said...

I hate to disappoint you, but you should keep your good memories of journey with Steve Perry at the helm. No one can replace him, and I'll venture to say that if they put out one album with this new guy, that will be it. It's very difficult for these old bands to catch up to the times.

My personal favorite is "Any Way You Want It".

Anonymous said...

Wow...they did put out a triple disc CD out & it went straight to number 5 on Billboard & has stayed in the top 20 for a month now.

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