Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Insomnia is Always Fun

I'm sure everyone has experienced a sleepless night or two. Here is my take on the possible causes. According to the Mayo clinic, some of the causes include the following:

* Stress - Does stressing over what you're going to eat count?
* Anxiety - I get anxious over undercooked beans and overcooked vegetables
* Depression - The thought of a messy house and piles of dirty laundry
* Stimulants - Does black mango tea count?
* Change in your environment or work schedule - Um, having kids changes lots
* Long-term use of sleep medications - Huh- insomnia with sleeping pills?????
* Medical conditions that cause pain - Does my DH's flatulence count?
* Behavioral insomnia- Why inflict more reasons not to sleep?
* Eating too much too late in the evening - Yes, this may be the culprit

And my favorite cause:
Insomnia becomes more prevalent with age- Great more reason to worry and not get sleep.

Hope you get some sleep everyone!! Good night or for some of us, Good Morning:)


Debra said...

It's hard for me to get to sleep at night but even harder to get up in the mornings.

BTW...thanks for visiting my blog.

Tins and Treasures said...

OMG...I've been waking up in the night and having trouble going back to sleep, too! And, it could be any of the reasons on your list!

I am a Tornado ~ proven fact! said...

yeah ... hiya, it's 3:35am and insomnia is my middle name. I used to call it being a night owl but now ... when I'm over 40 its offically insomnia.

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