Thursday, September 25, 2008

Democrats vs. Republicans - Heated Political Debates

I come from the old school of business ethics wherein discussion of politics is considered taboo for the workplace. And since this is my workplace (ahem), I refuse to even tread upon that topic. Sorry to disappoint you, but hot and heavy political debates is not something that I will be discussing here. My views are privately shared with my loyal, loving dog who always wags her tail in agreement to all my economic and social views. And of course my DH, but he just grunts to whatever I say (no tail wagging from him). So, instead of trying to persuade, convince or coerce you into some kind of political arena, I'd rather bring a little humor before you. Enjoy!

"We're leaning more and more about John and Cindy McCain. He's on this big biography tour. I guess his wife Cindy is worth over $100 million because the family made money selling Budweiser beer. So he has a wife 20 years younger than him, free beer, and unlimited money. I think I speak for all guys when I go, 'Why is he running for president?'" --Jay Leno

"Barack Obama was speaking to a Jewish group, and he told them that his name Barack is the same as the Jewish word 'baruch,' which means one who's blessed. That's what he said, yeah. Obama had a harder time explaining his middle name, Hussein. Things got quiet there." –Conan O'Brien

"Barack Obama gave a big speech on race, and there was one heckler in the audience, kept screaming crazy stuff the whole time. Turns out it was his pastor." --Jay Leno

"Earlier today, John McCain released 1,200 pages of his medical records. Or, as his doctor calls it, Chapter One." --Conan O'Brien

"Vice President Dick Cheney's wife, Lynne Cheney, said that Barack Obama and Dick Cheney are related. She said they are actually eighth cousins. ... Lynne Cheney says that Obama and Dick Cheney's connection was the result of one of Obama's ancestors marrying one of Cheney's ancestors in 1650. Even more interesting, you know who introduced them in 1650? Bob Dole." --Jay Leno

"You see Barack Obama at that rally surrounded by all those Kennedys? Man, I couldn't tell if he was running for president or bartender." --Jay Leno

"John McCain is now crisscrossing the United States campaigning. Or, as they're calling it, Antiques Roadshow." --Jay Leno

"Are you familiar with the Hillary Clinton 3 a.m. phone call commercial that she's been running? … Well, she's got another one of those, and the phone rings at 3 a.m., Hillary answers the phone, she picks it up, and she says "Stop bothering me, President Obama!" –David Letterman

"And John McCain has one of those 3 a.m. campaign commercials. In this one it's 3 a.m. and he just gets up to go to the bathroom." –David Letterman

Compiled by Daniel


Sarah McBride said...

hah! i am glad you inclued zingers on both sides.

I cannot abide arguing politics, so it is hard for me to even go into etsy forums half the time.

great post!!

Cindy said...

I'm with you about discussing politics. Not in workplace!! But to each his own.

I'm tagging you and what you need to do is list 7 things about yourself and then go tag 7 other people!! Have fun!

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