Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Reprieve from Cooking - L&L Hawaiian Barbecue

I am soooo excited/giddy/stoked that the new location of L&L finally opened it doors right next door to where we live. Well, not really next door but very very close. Close enough for my eldest and I to sneak off to while hubby and the other kids were taking a nap. The anticipation of waiting over a year for the construction to be finished and then stalking it every other day to see whether they've opened is finally over. Hello Chicken Katsu, Lemon Chicken, Spam Musubi, Kahlua Pork, and Loco Moco. (Hello spare tire, that will eventually look like a regular tire around my waist, after eating here). I think that we finished our food in less than five minutes flat. No, we didn't order everything on the menu;) Our plate lunch was onolicious and well worth the wait. I guess maybe next time we should bring DH and the rest of the kids=)

In case you have a craving for some local Hawaiian food and there are no L&L's around you, AlohaWorld has plenny of recipes to try. Enjoy and don't forget to save some for us;)


Hey Harriet said...

I don't think I've ever tried Hawaiian food before, but your enthusiasm for it sure makes me want to indulge :)

Ashley said...

Mmmmmm, chicken katsu is my favorite!

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