Tuesday, March 4, 2008

More Girl Scout Cookies Please!!!

It is a very special time of year for us -Girl Scout Cookies are here:). We have been very good so far- and have only purchased 2 boxes of Samoas and 1 box of Do-si-dos. Unfortunately, that was all the cash we had on hand. Alas, on the ride home (from purchasing them) one box was already gone and the rest were consumed by the next day. Those kids of mine:) I... must ...have ...must... have... more... cooooookies!!!!!! They are so addicting to us that in previous years, we have been known to consume around 15 boxes. Poor hubby, he probably gets to eat one box to himself:)

Anywayz, here is something new from us- oxidized sterling silver w/ black and red swarovskis. As soon as we think of a name for them, they'll be up on our website and etsy.com.

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