Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Who wants chocolate?

For the past month, I've been snacking on the most delectable truffle chocolates. It reminds me of my first (and last) taste of exquisite, luxurious, and expensive Champagne Truffles. It's become an almost nightly ritual that I look forward to. The dishes are done, the kids and hubby are asleep, and then I get to have my after-dinner/late-night snack. Each morsel is savored until the last piece has melted into my endorphins:) It definitely satisfies my chocolate cravings. Alas, today, I look into the fridge and the last of my latenight endorphin jolt is no more:( Sigh... LOL

By the way, we gave the bracelet a name - "Strawberries in my Garden" and it's up on our website in case your interested. It's not chocolate but it's still sweet;)

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