Thursday, April 10, 2008

Free jewelry / Pay it Forward (PIF)

I think that it's time for a freebie soon. I was thinking of doing a PIF (pay it forward -an act of kindness to some stranger, who, in turn, reciprocates with another stranger) but giving jewelry away is not really a random act but something more intentional. A random act IMHO is more like opening the door for someone or picking up something that someone dropped. And also, I believe that a gift should not have any attachments as with a PIF. So, stay tuned for something like this in the future either on our website or etsy shop. Anyways, if you're looking for eye candy, here are some vintage beaded earrings that are a little different than what we usually make.


GracieBird said...

Lovely earrings pictured here :-)

snowy652 said...

very pretty earrings

blessings ~ Shell

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